Saturday, March 12, 2011

Autonomia Indigena-self titled

Track list:
01 - Una Arruga, Una Vida
02 - Doble Lucha
03 - La Bandera
04 - Manipulacion
05 - Autonomia Indigena
06 - Libertad
07 - Richesse Infinie

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ruidosa inmundicia/Solid Decline split

Ruidosa inmundicia- DE UNA VEZ

Ruidosa inmundicia- demo tape 04

great band supper fast hardcore female fronted

Ceremony- scared people

Track list:
1. It Rained Today Inside My Head
2. The Lines In My Forehead
3. Making With the Stale Air
4. Mothers and Fathers
5. Every Corner A Liquor Store
6. Feel Like A Man (Negative FX)


Capitalist Casualties- Subdivisions in Ruin

Spazz- crush, kill ,destroy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

¡LIBÉRATE! - Discography

Liberate is a band from LA they play really fast hardcore power violence with lyrics in Spanish. great band if u like fast powerviolence this is their discography from all their demos their 7" and comps they were on.

ACxDC- He had it coming

what can i say about acxdc if u dotn know who they are well thier a sick ass powerviolence/grind band from LA they are sick to the max must have

Tracklist :
01. Jack Trippin'
02. Dumb And Dumbshit
03. Death Spare Not The Tiger
04. Turtle Power
05. Wookies Have Feelings Too
06. We Kill Christians
07. Sexual Fantasies With Biblical Figures
08. Anti-Christ Demon Core

Masacre- No se rajen

Great band from the bay area there a really fast grindcore band with spanish lyrics i love this band. if ur into fast ass fuck grind then ull love this shit its a must have.

Track list:
4.Armas pesadas
5.El Escape
6.Lucha Zapatista
8.Stolen Land
9.No se rajen
10.Respeten las mujeres

La Grita- no te dejes callar

La Grita is a thrash/powerviolence band hailing from San Jose, Union City and Fremont. Fronted by male and female vocals and lyrics in spanish, great band seen them shit load of times in LA u will love them,there not active anymore so if u never saw them u mist out lol!!!

assuck/old lady driver split

1. Rape, Carve, Smoke
2. Urine Love
4. Suffering Quota
5. World Of Confusion
6. Parade Of The Lifeless
7. The Perpetual Cycle
Total playing time 10:47

Assuck- necrosalvation

1. Born backwards 00:24
2. Maimed for life 00:22
3. Truth? 00:10
4. Fish Factory 01:00
5. Necro Salvation 00:28
6. Asthma 00:10
7. Anal mistress 00:43
8. Infanticide 00:46
9. False dedication 00:19
10. Dawn of the necrofile 00:39
11. Civilization comes / Civilization goes 00:53
Total playing time 05:53

assuck- blindspot

1. Blood And Cloth 01:16
2. Automate 00:59
3. Within Without 00:52
4. Blindspot 01:25
5. By Design 00:56
6. Spine 00:54
7. Infanticide 00:22
Total playing time 06:45

Assuck- State to state

1. State to State 00:58
2. The Thousand Mile Stare 00:40
3. Procession 00:43
4. Epilogue 00:57
5. A Nation's Tear 02:05
Total playing time 05:23